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Invite buyers to access portal

Add customer to your preferred list and Invite them to view your products, place order online Via Zomeds


Realtime stock and pricing updates

Changes in stock levels gets updated in the portal realtime and eliminate the risk to oversell


Publish products to portal for selling

Bulk publish your products to the products with just few clicks. Customers can view published products and their details to place orders.


Allow your customer to track your order

Customer can view past orders and track order and delivery status


Publish Schemes and offers

Start a campaign, push scheme and offer for your customer


New Business Avenues

Add more buyers from our network and get more buy leads



Cloud Based service

No Hardware and maintenance cost. All you need is an internet connection


Embedded Analytics

Dashboard with vital operational matrices for better control



Auto notification triggers based on event for instant actions


Artificial Intelligence

Forecast inventory based on demand and order date



Auto notification triggers based on event for instant actions


Using ZOMEDS have numerous benefits that helps you gain strong market position, better operational efficiency and much more

  • Seller

  • TerritoryTerritory Wide coverage using technology
  • TerritoryFaster Order Processing and Sales Initiation
  • TerritorySeamless digital integration within the business
  • TerritoryBusiness analytics targeted towards enhanced decision making
  • TerritoryAccess to a large platform of buyers including Chemist, doctors, hospitals
  • Buyer

  • TerritoryOrder with just click of a button
  • TerritoryAccess to products in real-time
  • TerritoryIncrease in revenue by minimizing bouncing
  • TerritoryUpdates on latest offers, product launches available Effective and timely order processing
  • TerritoryArtificial intelligence for better procurement planning

ROI for your business

We are a group of skilled individuals.

  • Payback

  • TerritoryPayback
    Online order receipt and sales force effectiveness results in payback of subscription fee and smartphone expenses in first month of rollout

  • TerritoryIncrease in Sales Wide territory coverage and access to new buyers results in increase in sales
  • Buyer

  • TerritoryFewer Chance of Lost sales Efficient order management and AI for demand results fewer chance of lost sales
  • TerritoryIncrease in customer Access to a large platform of buyers including Chemist, doctors, hospitals

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Just a sample of what we do.

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